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【NEWS】special distribution benefit per child in Fukuyama City


News from Fukuyama City  Please click for NEWS from Fukuyama City
Parents and guardians are eligible for receiving 100,000 yen per child, aged from 0 up to 18 years old of high school students.
Those who receive child allowance regularly may receive this benefit via bank deposit transfer on December 23, 2021.
No application necessary.
Those who do not receive child allowance regularly may receive application forms at home in January 2022.
So please wait.

***** original NEWS in Japanese *****

0歳(さい)から高校3年生(こうこう3ねんせい)までの子どもの保護者(ほごしゃ)は,10万円の臨時特別給付金(りんじ とくべつ きゅうふきん)をもらうことができます。

申請書(しんせいしょ)が届(とど)いた人は,申請書(しんせいしょ)を だしてください。

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