We aim to realize a symbiotic society in which people living in the Bingo area can live together with peace of mind regardless of language and culture.

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Bingo Japanese Language Diversity Support Center

Interpretation and translation support

Foreign residents who live in Japan for many years and Japanese support staff of BUILD can help necessary interpretation・translation in daily life.
We may not be able to answer your needs due to lack of staff.
We keep your privacy.
This service is not free.

Application / Inquiry

Example of interpretation support

(1)to interpret conversation with teachers/staff at school/nursery school/kindergarten
(2)to go to hospital together (This case is not medical interpreting.)
and so on

Example of translation support

(1)to translate letters from school
(2)to translate letters to someone else
and so on

service fee

The following service fee is an example. We can negotiate an amount of money.
・interpreter: 2,000 yen per hour plus transportation fee (actual cost or 10 yen per 1km, less than 1km rounded up)
・translation: 1,000 yen for an A4-size written newsletter from nursery school
remarks: we cannot work as a specialist such as medical interpreter.