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【NEWS】Alert Level 3 at 4pm in Fukuyama City - Elderly people should evacuate


on Sunday, September 18th, 2022 at 4pm, Alert Level 3 was raised throughout Fukuyama City.
There are several Emergency Evacuation Sites (Kinkyu Hinambasho) within Fukuyama city.

Let's be ready for the typhoon in advance.
Preparations: drinking water, mobile batteries, remove anything into inside to avoid heavy wind.

福山市からのお知らせ(日本語) Emergency News announcement from Fukuyama City

Emergency evacuation sites 緊急避難場所(きんきゅう ひなん ばしょ)> RED FONTS are places where pets are allowed.
○まなびの館(やかた)ローズコム(ろーずこむ)※ Manabi no Yakata Rose Com*
○鞆公民館(とも こうみんかん)Tomo Kōminkan (Public Hall)
〇旭小学校(さひ しょうがっこう)Asahi Shōgakkō (Elementary school)
〇赤坂公民館(あかさか こうみんかん)Akasaka Kōminkan(Public Hall)
〇走島公民館(はしりじま こうみんかん)Hashirijima Kōminkan(Public Hall)
○西部市民センター(せいぶ しみん せんたー)※ Seibu Shimin Center (West Civic Center)*
○北部市民センター(ほくぶ しみん せんたー)※ Hokubu Shimin Center (North Civic Center)*
〇山野中学校(やまの ちゅうがっこう)Yamano Chugakkō (Junior high school)
○東部市民センター(とうぶ しみん せんたー)※ Tōbu Shimin Center (East Civic Center)*
〇かんなべ市民交流センター(かんなべ しみん こうりゅうせんたー)※ Kan'nabe Shimin Center (Kan'nabe Civic Center)*
〇しんいち市民交流センター(しんいち しみん こうりゅうせんたー)※ Shin'ichi Shimin Center (Shin'ichi Civic Center)*
〇常金丸公民館(つねかねまる こうみんかん)Tunekanemaru Kōminkan (Public Hall)
○ぬまくま市民交流センター(しみん こうりゅう せんたー)※ Numakuma Shimin Kōryū Center (Civic Center)*
○うつみ市民交流センター(しみん こうりゅう せんたー) Utsumi Shimin Kōryū Center (Civic Center)

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